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Kick Brass in the A$$

Ever feel like you can't keep your blonde as ashy & icy as you'd like? Or maybe your blonde is so super ashy, but it just feels dull. Here are some hot tips that will help you keep your blonde looking its best!

So the ash fades right away- here's why.

Are you a fan of Purple Shampoo? Oh yeah, purple shampoo is the bomb dot com, right?! Just a little insight- every time you use purple shampoo you are depositing color. When you deposit, and deposit, and deposit... (get where I'm going).. then it will mull out the color. Too much deposit= dull hair. Keep the purple shampoo aside until 3- 4 weeks after your blonding service; and even then only use 1 or 2 times a week if you want to keep a high shine!

Are you using professional, salon bought shampoo and conditioner?

oh i know- if you're not using it already you're

probably saying, "its expensive," or "but the ads on tv SAID i would have silky & shiny hair with their color safe shampoo." Or maybe you just haven't gotten a good recommendation before! If the latter is the case- please message me so we can talk. Ill guide you towards a product that'll help you with the hair probs you're having.

Well here's the dirty truth. If your shampoo was not bought in a salon, it has fillers & additives that will quickly strip the hair of its color. like WHAT!!! SO annoying, right?!

Lets role play. You're about to leave the salon after receiving a full highlight and icy gloss ($150-$190 service), i recommended you take home the Pureology Strength Cure line to help the blonde get its protein back..and you say eh ill pick some up next week after i get paid. Heres the thing- you will go home and wash your hair in 2 days. With what? With something you got from a drug store. The investment in your new beautiful blonde- RUINED. the gloss will be faded after even just that first wash. This is no joke, and I personally learned this the hard way because when i first started doing hair I wasn't fully educated on the products and what they can do for you. Plan ahead so you can make sure to invest in your hair care products. your color will thank you for it!

Does your home have well water?

With or without a filtration system, well water is heavy in the mineral iron. Iron has a serious way of getting inside of those lovely icy blonde strands and turning them *GASp* BLORANGE. if you have well water, come in between your greular appointments for a pre treatment and gloss to refresh the color. Also invest in a clarifying shampoo. if you don't do both, then possibly consider going for a darker hair color.

Okay so now you're doing everything right, but you still notice it is is fading after a few months...

This is actually totally normal. the reason why? Hair color is not real like your natural hair is. It is a chemically created color that will eventually fade because that is just about as good as the chemists can make it (for now). So if you want to wait longer to get the foils again, just pop in for a toner. this will add the shine back in and also refresh the tone of the highlights.

It's as simple as that ladies! Hope this helped some of you, and thanks for reading my first blog post (:

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